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Listen: Miley's Song About Lesbian Sex

Miley Cyrus Dead Petz

In an interview with Miley Cyrus in the New York Times, the singer talked about her identity and her surprise new album, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz

The 23 songs on the sprawling album include plenty of cursing and graphic language about sex and more. In particular, she revealed that her track “Bang Me Box” is about sex with a woman and was "pretty self-explanatory." She went on to say:

“I feel very gender-fluid. For a long time I didn’t understand my own sexuality. I would get really frustrated and think I’d never understand what I am, because I can’t even figure out if I’m feeling more like a girl or boy. It took me talking to enough trans people to realize that I didn’t ever have to decide on one.”

Here's the audio below:

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