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WATCH: Straight Men React To (and Try On) Andrew Christian Underwear

Andrew Christian

Among the many things gay men know their fair share about, underwear is arguably one of the most important. You wear it every day, it supports some of your best assets (sorry), and thanks to designers like Andrew Christian, worrying that your only style options are boxers or briefs is a thing of the past.

While gay men have been getting more creative and less concealing over the years with their underwear options, straight men are still stuck behind in the “that’s gay” mentality of the stone age when it comes to surrendering their chunky boxers and tired plaid prints.

YouTuber Michael Rizzi sat down with some straight men to share the wonders of revealing, breezy underwear with them. The results are the mix of shock, trepidation, and surprising acceptance one could expect from a handful of straight men in 2015. Watch below. 

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