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Watch the Video for Demi Lovato’s Bi-Curious ‘Cool for the Summer’

Demi Lovato

July’s half over and the back to school aisle is up at Staples. Summer’s not winding down just yet, however. So here it is, folks: Your Song of Summer 2015 is Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer.”

We got the audio for the track just before the Fourth of July and that put the song at the front of the pack, but this video clinches it. 

Sultry, sweaty, sticky, and just fuckin’ sexy, the video follows Demi as she takes a walk—er, drive—on the wild side and tears it up at what appears to be the greatest summer rager of all time.

There’s pillow fights, strobes, box robots, product placement for her skincare line, Devonne, (help a guy out, Demi) — you know your video’s dope when the logline sounds like a Stefon segment on Weekend Update

So there it is kids, Song of Summer 2015 decided. Crown goes to Demi, everyone else, hit the bricks. 

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