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Fund This: He Loves Me

Fund This: He Loves Me

he loves me

A cinematic experiment on the subject of gay relationships, urban lifestyles, and nature is looking for support

Filmmaker Konstantinos Menelaou (who founded Queer Archive in 2013) is hoping to uncover why gay male relationships sometimes fail -- even when love remains. He says the concept came from a personal experience he had and the confusion that ensued:

"During my efforts to understand the essence of this life changing relationship, I found it impossible to find a solid meaning to why relationships fail when love is still there. Every rule was broken down and the search for peace was too far away. Therefore, i had to open the discussion that was going in my head. i had to start a journey using the tool i feel more comfortable with: film. But i couldn't be the only author of this one. It had to be an open project, open to interpretation, to all possibilities."

He's currently working on the experimental film He Loves Me, which will be his way of investigating gay relationships, and is seeking support through an Indiegogo campaign.

And if that's not enough to get your attention, check out the films stars -- real-life boyfriends Hermes Pittako (left) and Sanuya Shoteka -- below:


As the filmmaker explains:

"Sanuye and Hermes have become an integral part of He Loves Me. They fully understand the essence of the project and that they are also able to enrich and expand its core issues with their experience, maturity and intelligence. Apart from their physical compatibility, they have shown a natural talent to be realistic in front of the camera. Their art practice has developed a rare ability to accumulate information, to apply it to their personal life and to deliver a realistic performance that blends the boundaries between fiction and reality."

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