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#NoFilter: Marc Jacobs & the Accidental Instagram Nude Selfie

#NoFilter: Marc Jacobs & the Accidental Instagram Nude Selfie

marc jacobs nude instagram selfie

Hanging Louis Vui-dong. 

We've all done our fair share of Instagram stalking -- it's quickly becoming the nation's favorite pastime now that everyone's stopped pretending to care about baseball. But there are any number of people who meet and fell in love (or somewhere) on the 'Gram. And turns out Marc Jacobs is on the Instahunt.

The oft-naked designer accidentally posted a selfie of his fashion fanny that was meant as a direct message for someone (who clearly knows what they're doing) bearing an invitation to sample the 52-year-old's still rather firm goods.

marc jacobs nude instagram selfie

Jacobs quickly realized his mistake and deleted the photo but it was too late; the internet had seen it, gobbled it up and spit it out as a tip in Gawker's inbox.

Speaking of tips in a box, can we talk about what's happening mid-thigh? Good for you, Marc Jacobs. Good. For. You.

So I think there are several lessons we can glean from this situation:

1. Make sure when Instasexting, your direct messages are, well, direct.

2.Marc Jacobs is my spirit animal.

3. You can totally get macked by Marc Jacobs.

4. Instagram's the new Grindr, but better since you don't have to ask for more pics.

5. Love (or something) with your favorite celeb is just a DM away.

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