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Hillary, Here's Your New Campaign Song — Courtesy of Adrian Anchondo & Pandora Boxx

The Hillary Song Pandora Boxx and Adrian Anchondo

Katy Perry, take a backseat — Hillary Clinton won't be needing your songwriting...talents...after all. For your campaign consideration, Pandora Boxx and Adrian Anchondo's "The Hillary Song."

Inspired in part by the I'd Bottom for Hillary shirts, noted eligible bachelor Anchonodo wrote the song as a parody of Maroon 5's ubiquitous "Sugar."

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Pandora puts on her best steely gaze and her second best pantsuit as the former Secretary of State before crashing a hunk-filled BBQ to shake some babies and kiss some hands.

The Hillary Song Pandora Boxx Adrian Anchondo gif

So what do you say, Hills? Give this ditty a shot? After all, it couldn't be any gayer than your last choice: Céline Dion's "You and I."

You can follow Adrian on Instagram and Twitter.

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