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Batman Forever Turns 20: Chris O’Donnell Discusses the Camp & Costumes

Batman Forever Turns 20: Chris O’Donnell Discusses the Camp & Costumes

Batman Forever

He still has it in a crate in the basement, in case you're curious.


After Christopher Nolan's reboot of the Batman franchise as a much darker, more brooding landscape, it seems especially camp to look back on the Warner Bros. film series begun in 1989. Batman and Batman Returns (directed by Tim Burton) may have been blockbusters, but they were followed by Joel Schumacher's supremely campy Batman Forever and Batman & Robin (the last with George Clooney as Batman being, arguably, the gayest of them all).

But Forever -- which was released 20 years ago, on June 16, 1995 -- did earn a whopping $350 million at the box office, making stars out of Val Kilmer and Chris O'Donnell. ETOnline caught up with O'Donnell to discuss Batman Forever and we were happy to find out he had his own thoughts about that (very nipply) suit.

"For me, I had to wear that little mask that was glued. First thing in the morning they painted my eyes black and then would glue the mask on [to my face]. It was so hot, you would touch the mask and water would just run down your face.

"During the first one, we didn't get in and out of costumes a lot because it was too complicated. But the second, we had a whole system set up. I had two people full time that just got me in and out of my suit. And if it was going to be more than a little while between takes I got out of my suit and got a fresh under suit. That was the biggest challenge to be honest with you."

Watch a clip of Chris O'Donnell telling Conan O'Brien about his Robin outfit below:

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