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WATCH: Matt Damon in the First Trailer for The Martian

WATCH: Matt Damon in the First Trailer for The Martian

Matt Damon

“In your face, Neil Armstrong.”

If the thought of switching places with Tom Hanks' character in Cast Away - having to provide literally everything for yourself and face seemingly insurmountable odds to survive - gives you more than a twinge of anxiety, you may not be ready for The Martian.

Ridley Scott's latest space adventure finds a manned expedition to Mars forced to abort as a strong storm sweeps the planet. Matt Damon gets left behind and is presumed dead, but when he comes to he makes it back to their base of operations and breaks down his situation in the form of video logs: he's currently unable to communicate with NASA, even if he were able to reach them it would take four years for human help to come back, and the station they built is only designed for a 31-day stay. As he aptly states, he's going to have to "science the shit out of this."

Starring Damon, Kate Mara, Kristen Wiig, Jessica Chastain, Sebastian Stan, Donald Glover, and Jeff Daniels, to name a few, The Martian opens November 25. Watch the trailer below.

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