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WATCH: John Waters’ Inspiring RISD Commencement Speech is One Every Grad Needs to Hear

John Waters

As far as commencement speakers go, you really can’t top John Waters. Not only is he well-spoken, accomplished, and laugh-out-loud funny, he’s also full of wisdom and experience. 

The Pink Flamingos director addressed the Rhode Island School of Design’s Class of 2015 last week, Waters wondered out loud “I’m supposed to inspire you. How’s this? Somehow I’ve been able to make a living doing what I love best for 50 years without ever having to get a real job.”

Waters doled out some sage wisdom to the class budding artist.

“Hopefully you have been taught to never fear rejection in the workplace. Remember, a ‘no’ is free. Ask for the world and pay no mind if you were initially turned down. A career in the arts is like a hitchhiking trip, all you need is one person to say ‘get in’ and off you go. And then the confidence begins.”

The Lambda's Trustee Award for Excellence in Literature winner also began the peroration of his speech with a challenge to the recent grads. WATCH his full speech below:

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