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Watch the Story of Gay Rock Star Jobriath


Meet Jobriath, also known as “The American David Bowie,” “Hype of the Year,” and (our personal favorite) “The True Fairy of Rock and Roll.” But if you haven’t heard of any of Jobriath’s many monikers, all the more reason for you to watch Jobriath A.D. 

The music documentary unpacks the exciting, tragic, epic and epically erased story of the first openly gay rock star—Jorbiath. Though Jobriath’s glam rock music was over-hyped by a fierce publicity machine, shunned by the gay community, and dismissed after two short years, it has now been rediscovered over 40 years later, and serves as a necessary map of 20th century queer creativity

“Jobriath was a singular voice in rock music who was brave enough to be open about his sexuality at a time when it was suicide to do so,” director Kieran Turner explained. “He was a wholly original creature who created the most beautiful music you’ve never heard during one of the most mind-boggling decades ever, the 1970s. And the coolest thing about him is that he’s ripe for rediscovery. Get in on the ground floor, kids!”

Jobriath A.D. can now be purchased here. Every DVD comes with an exclusive LP of never before released music from Jobriath’s lost musical, Popstar.

Curious about Jobriath? Watch the trailer below:

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