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#TBT: Remembering Janet Jackson's Last Truly Great Song & Video

rock wit u

In praise of the underappreciated masterwork, "Rock wit U"

Janet Jackson -- noted pop legend, diva-best-believa and actually elusive chanteuse -- made a rare public appearance at Giorgio Armani's 40th anniversary party. Like a groundhog, whenever Ms. Jackson pops her ageless head out of her Middle Eastern billionaire hole, it's time to start speculating on when/if she will ever grace us with a comeback.

Certainly, soldiers in the Rhythm Nation -- me included -- miss her much, as evinced by this fan-made missing persons poster:

Janet was amused and retweeted the post, and a few days later sent a cryptic tweet about letting go but not stopping -- further stoking the new music rumor flames.

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Since I'm always looking for any and all excuses to write about my Queen of Pop (and since this song has been on repeat for the past few weeks) join me -- won't you? -- in celebrating Janet Jackson' last truly great gift to the world, 2008's "Rock wit U."

Here are 5 reasons "Rock wit U" is essentially perfect.

1. She did it for the gays

rock 1

Janet said at the time of the song's release:

Honestly the song was created for the gay community. I kept stressing to Jermaine [Dupri, the song's co-writer], 'I got to do something for the kids.' I had talked about it on the last album - and there was a song that I had, and it wasn't quite completed. And I talked about it to the papers, gay magazines, and it didn't wind up on the album with the cut-off date. I felt really badly about that. So he just handed me a CD and said, 'Here are 10 tracks for the kids; tell me which one you like the best.' I fell in love with 'Rock With U'.

It's so gay, it's literally raining glitter.

rock 6

And also, this Janet drag queen is everything.

rock 8


rock 2

No one does a choreographed dance routine better than Janet Motherfucking Jackson. Not even backup dancers half her age.

rock 4

That's right -- bow down, bitches.


rock 3

Also, no one does a dance break better than JMFJ. See also: 'If' -- the greatest dance break in herstory.

4. The LOOKS

rock 5

These children are giving you vintage '90s club kid realness for your nerves, which I'm convinced The Hunger Games blatantly stole.

5. The Attitude

rock 9

Always at home having a kiki with the kids, Damita Jo is serving C.U.N.T. in every frame.

rock 10


Get ready to gag this #ThrowbackThursday over Janet's "Rock wit U":

Les Fabian Brathwaite -- I want to rock wit u.

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