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Watch: Conchita Wurst's Video for 'You Are Unstoppable'

Conchita Wurst

“This album is very close to my heart,” Conchita Wurst says, adding that the musical range was very important. “I am delighted that the album has become so colourful and multifaceted. All my favourite musical genres found their way onto the album. Conchita covers all the bases, from dramatic ballads to dance tracks.”

And that's not all: The Being Conchita book will be out in English May 7.

Watch the dramatic, black-and-white video for "You Are Unstoppable" below:

Tracklisting for Conchita

01. You Are Unstoppable

02. Up For Air

03. Put That Fire Out

04. Colours Of Your Love

05. Out Of Body Experience

06. Where Have All The Good Men Gone

07. Somebody To Love

08. Firestorm

09. Pure

10. Heroes

11. Rise Like A Phoenix

12. The Other Side Of Me

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