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The Drag Race GIF-Cap Extravaganza: Snatch Game!

The Drag Race GIF-Cap Extravaganza: Snatch Game!

snatch game

Beyond Blunderdome, or, Ms. Braxton If You're Hunty

nothin at all

Ah, finally, the day for which I tolerate 364 other days out of the year hath finally arrived: Snatch Game on RuPaul's Drag Race. If you only watch one episode of RPDR -- A. you're a monster -- but B. this should be it. This is where we separate the ladyboys from the ladymen.

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Don't _____ It Up

Some of the queens' choices were inspired, while others neglected to heed Biana Del Rio's sage advice.


Max certainly looked the part of Sharon Needles -- if not better -- but couldn't deliver on her horror humor

max sharon

Jaidynn Symone was one-note -- one long, flat note

jaidynn symone

Katya struck gold, then invested it, as Suze Orman

Katya Suze

Violet discovered Alyssa's Secret

violet alyssa

Pearl must've put a hit out on Snatch Game cuz she killed it as Big Ang

pearl big ang

While Miss Fame's Donatella was dead on arrival -- which is how Donatella ususally rolls through anyway, but as we've established, Fame's not the sharpest schtick in the drawer.

kennedy little richard

Kennedy surprised everyone with her Little Richard impersonation

kennedy little richard

But she faced stiff competition from Ginger Minj as Adele

ginger adele

In the end, even Ru couldn't choose between the two


And called it a Tie (Wong Foo)

tie wong foo

So both Ginger and Kennedy sashayed away with Mother Plucker feather accoutrements -- those lucky gals


The RuVeal

How Neon Green Was My Valley of the Dolls?


Much like me, guest judge Michael Urie was gagging to death


The Tamar Braxton Snatchfest GIF Wall

Sorryboutit, queens, but guest judge Tamar Braxton won all the tens in this episode. Miss Tamar came in her Gaultier capelet ready to work.

miss tamar

She even had a special Snatch Game lacefront

tamar weave

At panel, she was offering up all the wisdom


Giving more support than Playtex

eat it

Generally getting her life

britney spears tea

Asking the important questions

Just making up words and stuff...


What else is there to say?

that's all

Life-Saving Lip Sync Moment

The judges were giving a better show than the bottom two -- Max and Jaidynn.

ru lip synctamar lip syncmichelle lip sync

Though sadly -- and in a decision I openly do not agree with -- Max had to sashay away, but not before pulling out a little Ethel Merman for your nerves.

max merman

Farwell, Max. I'll miss your workroom looks most of all. While everyone opts for a flip flop and a board short, here she is giving me Memoirs of a Gay-sha.


The BIG RuVeal

Of course, there could only have been one tie this episode because...

too soon

Ru will it be?

Les Fabian Brathwaite -- it's Trixie.

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