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8 Tween Pop Hits That Are Better With Age

8 Tween Pop Hits That Are Better With Age

Turnt Tweens

Time to get super turnt up, Disney Kids.

Zendaya -- whom you may know from Disney's Shake It Up, or those Proactiv commercials, or as the smart gal who jumped ship from the Titanic known as the Lifetime Aaliyah movie -- is featured on Bobby Brackins' "My Jam." And -- no T, no shade -- it's actually kind of fire.

The track is serving me so much '90s Jock Jamz summertime realness I can practically see the overalls and crop tops riding around in a topless jeep on the sandy beaches of my mind. Who knew?

Then again, a number of Disney kids have had some great club-bangers and irresistible pop confections. Songs that are better than they deserve to be. Songs that make you forget that they're sung by people on shows you wouldn't touch with a ten foot remote.

The House of Mouse, especially, has a history of creating music superstars, lest we forget The New Mickey Mouse Club's impressive alumni: Britney, JT, Xtina. Jessica Simpson auditioned -- didn't make it. No surprise there.

But we're not talking about those icons. Let's discuss the new school. Here are 6 songs from former or current tween stars that will make you stop and say, "Wait, what fresh hell is this? Turn it up, girlfriend!"

Selena Gomez - "Come and Get It"

La Gomez threw her Wizard of Waverly Place hat into the pop vixen ring with this slinky number. The lazy dance sequence aside, Selena's got what it takes to be a star, as long as she stays away from that sock-in-the-crotch troublemaker Bieber.

Demi Lovato - "Give Your Heart a Break"

The ex-Sonny with a Chance star took a cloudy respite in rehab and came roaring back and belting for her life with this future dance classic about learning to love again. Like all dance classics.

Raven Symone - "Backflip"

For some reason, everyone slept on this little gem, even thoughThat's So Raven's resident pyschic has been laying tracks down since she was old enough to walk/rap. This had "midsize R&B hit" written all over it, but the Disney glitter is equal parts gift and curse.

Nick Joans - "Jealous"

As soon as Nick dropped the other Jonas brothers, he dropped his pants. He also found his soul with the falsetto-heavy "Jealous." Acknowledging his gay appeal, the oft-shirtless Jonas even got the extended club remix treatment.

Ariana Grande - "Problem"

It seemed like only yesterday pop's favorite ponytailed chanteuse was on Nickelodeon's Victorious, which is about something I couldn't even begin to care about. Who would care, though, when she's delivering more gorgeous runs than the 1996 U.S. track and field Olympic team.

Lindsay Lohan - "Rumors"

Miley Cyrus, I'mma let you finish your career, but "Rumors" is the best song ever by a Disney kid. Not including anything by JT, Brit Brit or Xtina. Jessica Simpson auditioned -- didn't quite make it.

P.S. Selena Gomez, this is how you do a dance break:


Drop down. Get your eagle on. That's it.

Les Fabian Brathwaite, misses 2004 LiLo.

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