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Andy Cohen To The Real Housewives: Cut Out the 'My Gays' Crap

Andy Cohen's Teachable Moment

Though not necessarily known for his socially conscious pronouncements, Bravo honchosexual Andy Cohen threw on his best invisible Oprah wig and provided The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with a “teachable moment” of his own.

“Even though some of your friends might be gay, “ the self-proclaimed resident boss gay began, “they are not ‘yours.’ You do not own them. We are not cattle. We are not purses. Next time you feel like saying ‘my gays,’ replace with ‘my blacks’ and see how that turns out.”

Great, now Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards are going to go around bragging about how fabulous their blacks are. Cohen, however, makes a valid point. These Housewives love them some gays because we validate their beauty and tighten their lace-fronts, but all that lip service often doesn’t translate to showing actual support for LGBT rights.

Of course, Lisa Rinna’s lips have been serviced more times than a ’67 Chevy, so she might not actually know what the hell she’s talking about at this point.


Lisa Rinna's lip service

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