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WATCH: Trump Mocked as Gender Bully in SNL Skit

WATCH: Trump Mocked as Gender Bully in SNL Skit

Trump SNL parody

The Saturday Night Live debate sketch shows Donald Trump mocking Jeb Bush as 'little girl.'

Saturday Night Live veteran Darrell Hammond returned to the legendary comedy sketch show on NBC Saturday, with a dead-on imitation of GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, portrayed as even more controversial than the actual candidate.

The theme of the opening skit was last week's Republican debate on CNN, and while the comedians ruthlessly mocked all nine candidates, much of the satire focused on "poor, sweet Jeb Bush" and his ineffective attempts to attack Trump, with the New York developer repeatedly questioning Bush's masculinity.

"I know for a fact that you pee sitting down," said Hammond, a line which Bustle called "a pretty cheap joke."

To date, even Trump hasn't gone that far on the campaign trail, despite notoriously deriding Mexicans, Muslims and of course, his oppenents on both sides. The New York Times this month counted 30 times Trump used the word "stupid" to describe someone, concluding that compared to five elected presidents, his language is decidedly "darker, more violent and more prone to insults and aggrandizing."

As SNL has done for 40 years, the writers of the opening sketch took this idea one step further.

The line in which Hammond, as Trump, accused Bush, played by Beck Bennett, of sitting down to pee -- as opposed to standing up, as boys are typically potty-trained -- was just a set-up. The writers devised a new riff on Trump's famous, failed quest to expose President Obama as being born in Kenya by demanding to see his U.S. birth certificate.

In the skit, Trump reveals he's unearthed Bush's birth certificate, and announces it shows Jeb Bush is actually "Jeborah:"

"Jeb's a very nice man. But he is basically a little girl. Folks this is true, I got a hold of Jeb's birth certificate, full disclosure, his real name is Jeborah."

"That's not true!"

"Jeborah, Jeborah, Jeborah."

"Hey, that's not my name."

"Yeah? Jeborah, losers say what?"

"What? Oh Dang it. No!"

Watch the video from NBC's Saturday Night Live below.

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