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Don't Miss Sia Cameo in Transparent Season 2

Don't Miss Sia Cameo in Transparent Season 2

Sia in Transparent Season 2 Amazon

The singer-songwriter is just one of the many cameos in the new season of Amazon's hit comedy.


Season 2 of Amazon Studio's Transparent debuted Friday, December 11, and if you didn't spend the weekend binging on the latest installments of the Pfefferman clan, then you may have missed some of the many cameos that took place.

Ali (Gaby Hoffmann) is hot for a poet and gender's studies professor named Leslie, a radical feminist played by Cherry Jones (who is a dead ringer for real-life poet Eileen Myles, the current girlfriend of show creator Jill Soloway).

As Hoffmann puts it, Ali is on an "identity audit," telling

"[Ali] is on this journey of self-discovery, but it's very far-reaching. It's intellectual, it's sexual, it's emotional, it's [psychological]. It's really interesting. She's come out of a place last season where she was sort of depressed and shut down for many years, and sort of kicked herself out of that. And then Maura comes out and that's even more instigation. Now I feel like she's sort of awake."

In episode nine, Ali invites Sarah (Amy Landecker) and Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) to join her at the Idylwild Wimmin's Music Festival (which seems to be an interpretation of the Michigan Womyn's Festival). That's when we are first introduced to Anjelica Huston and see Eileen Myles lounging beside Jones, and Peaches performs on stage while plenty of others are all having a gay ol' time in the woods. Oh and Sia just so happens to walk by.

The 39-year-old singer may obscure her features behind wigs when in front of cameras these days, but in the "Man on the Land" episode she appears as Puppet. Perhaps you may have missed her if you didn't recognize her beneath the ragamuffin scraggle. But she does sing a couple of lines as she passes. And that's only one small reason you don't want to miss this rewatchable segment.

Transparent season 2 is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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