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'Transparent' Rises From the Ashes -- As a Musical!

Creator Jill Soloway discusses the shows apt transition following Jeffrey Tambor’s exit.

Meet Trace Lysette's Character from 'David Makes Man'

"It’s important to see us as whole human beings, and characters like Femi help America get to know us."

Jeffrey Tambor Now Says He’s Not Leaving 'Transparent'

The actor has "no plans to quit" according to a report in the New York Times.

Stop Everything: Season 4 of Transparent is Streaming Right Now

Maura, Josh, Sarah, Ali & Shelly Pfefferman are heading to Israel. 

How Transparent Became the Most Trans-Inclusive Show in Hollywood History

"We've employed over 50 trans and gender-nonconforming people as either crew members or as actors with speaking roles."

A Wild Encounter with Jill Soloway, Sandra Bernhard, and Kathryn Hahn

Also: NYC Fashion Week crystallizes! Cirque du Soleil goes Avatar!

Transparent Actress Writes Open Letter Scolding Bette Midler's Transphobic Tweet

Alexandra Billings piercingly responds to Midler's small-minded Tweet.

Watch: Transparent Season 3 Trailer Dazzles

The trailer for Amazon Prime's upcoming third season of Transparent came out yesterday and reinvigorated our obsession with the show.

Power 50: Jill Soloway

Writer/Director/Producer, 50

Transgender Representation on Scripted TV, an Oral History

Alexandra Billings, Candis Cayne, Laverne Cox and more trans performers reflect on the progress TV has made—and where it still needs to go. 

Don't Miss Sia Cameo in Transparent Season 2

The singer-songwriter is just one of the many cameos in the new season of Amazon's hit comedy.

Our Lady J Discusses 'Transparent' Season 2

The trans singer/songwriter has joined the Transparent team as a writer and actress.