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Five Things We Learned from Lea Michele About the Scream Queens Finale

Five Things We Learned from Lea Michele About the Scream Queens Finale

Lea Michele in Scream Queens

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! The actress told all about her pivotal role in the series.

Last night's Scream Queens two-hour season one finale revealed all. The second half basically served as the quintessential killer confessional in the show's farce of the slasher genre. So if you have not seen the finale, do not read ahead--because spoilers are inevitable.

Although Ryan Murphy made a bold move by revealing two of the three killers early in the season, he finally exposed Hester (Lea Michele) as the surviving member of the homicidal 'Red Devil' trio and the other bathtub baby. It also appears that Pete (Diego Boneta) was in the loop and was conned into killing Rodger (or maybe it was Dodger, but who cares?)

The entire second hour served as an inner monologue confessional for Hester in which we learned her motive and every step of her plan as it was executed. In another bold move, Hester gets away with it, framing the surviving Chanels for her own murderous rampage.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lea Michele told all about what went on behind the scenes. From onset friendships to finding out she's a killer, here are five things we learned.

1. On when she learned Hester was the killer:

"I was literally told when the script came out. And actually, I was in New York with Emma [Roberts] and Keke [Palmer] doing a press event for the show and I was at this event and I hadn't gotten the script yet because I wasn't in New Orleans. And Keke had just gotten to New York from New Orleans and she had gotten the script, so I was like, "Oh, did you guys get the final script?" And Keke was like, "Yes, did you not read it?" And I said, "No. Who is it?" And she said, "It's you!" I was like, "You're lying." "No, it's really you and you get away with it." Are you kidding me? And then I had to ask Ryan, obviously, and he was like, "Are you happy?" I said, "Oh my God! I can't believe this!" He approached me with this role a year ago now, and he said, "Yeah, I think this will be good for you. And I think it will give people a chance to see you in a different light. You'll get to be really funny." And he didn't give me a clue about what would happen. Not a clue."

2. On making the jump from Glee:

"I'm so grateful to Brad, Ryan and Ian for giving me so much freedom to play Hester. They let me play around with different levels of comedy, and I really got to go for it, but I also did some more toned-down things. To have that flexibility and that option as an actor is really such a blessing. And having played the same character for over seven years on my previous show and then coming to this and really getting to stretch my muscles and do totally different work was unbelievable. And also for people to see me right after Glee was great. I think it's really easy for people to have just seen me as one character, and once people heard a few of those one-liners in Scream Queens, that definitely was no longer an issue."

3. On her friendship with Emma Roberts:

"I was talking with her yesterday, and she's actually back in New Orleans now working on a movie on the same stages where we did Scream Queens. And she was like, "Come here. I can't be here without you." We really bonded in this experience together, and I'm so grateful, because I've been a fan of hers for so many years. Working with her was just incredible."

4. On working with Glen Powell:

"It's so funny how the world works. I've known Glen for so many years. He's actually roommates with Chord Overstreet, who I was on Glee with. So I would always see Glen as Chord's roommate, and thought he was such a good guy. So when I heard he had gotten on the show, I was so excited that we would get to work together. Little did I think, years ago, that we would eventually be on a show together where we had to do all this insane stuff. I think he is so talented. He's like Vince Vaughn and Brad Pitt in one guy. He's obviously so handsome, but he's also so funny. I loved working with him, and I really felt like Hester and Chad were incredible. I wish that they would have more to do together. Maybe if everything works out with season two, there will be a future for Hester and Chad."

5. On a potential second season:

"It will be interesting, because I know that Ryan has mentioned that there will be a new killer next year. And it'll be really funny if everyone thinks it's Hester, and she's like, "Um no, actually it's not me this time." And then I think she could be in the position of someone coming after her, which would be really fun to play. This year, it was interesting to have to always play things with it being in the back of your mind that you may be the killer. But to go into another season and potentially be a victim could be fun."

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