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Tangerine Star Mya Taylor Creating TV Series


Mya Taylor, one of the stars of this summer’s sleeper-hit Tangerine, is in talks to develop her own TV series about her transition. Mya Taylor and her co-star Kitana Kiki Rodriguez already made headlines when it was reported that they’d each receive Oscar campaigns—a first for transgendered actresses in Academy history. Respectively, Taylor would be pushed for Supporting Actress and Rodriguez would vie for Lead Actress.

Tangerine was shot entirely on an iPhone for a reported budget of $100,000. It’s U.S. total stands at $700,000 and with home video revenue sure to boost that, it is the definition of a little movie that could, and sure as hell did.

Taylor revealed to Screen magazine her plans for a TV series based on her transition.

"My experience was actually way more dramatic than that of the characters in Tangerine...I would be interested to portray that journey. I’m trying to get a TV series started about it. It will cover the struggle pre transition, during transition and after. I have team working on it and I would be an exec producer.”

This is a groundbreaking moment for trans visibility in the media (Transparent, Orange is the New Black, I am Cait), and Taylor’s ambitious project will shed even more light on a challenging, but inspiring, experience. 

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