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Barbra Streisand Wants Lady Gaga for Her Gypsy Remake, Confirms John Travolta

Barbra Streisand Wants Lady Gaga for Her Gypsy Remake, Confirms John Travolta

barbra streisand and lady gaga

Gaga, can you hear me?

Babs had a dream! A dream about you, Gaga! At least that's according to John Travolta. Speaking with Extra, the 61-year-old actor confirmed rumors of a possible Gypsy remake, helmed by Barbra Streisand.

"Well, yeah, I mean Barbra wanting to do Gypsy for years, and she's been developing it, and I think she always visualized Gaga as Louise and maybe me as Herbie," Travolta said, referring, respectively, to the title role and that of the manager.

You can almost hear Lea Michele throwing a People's Choice Award at a mirror somewhere.

Streisand and Gypsy lyricist Styephen Sondheim have been battling it out for years over the rights to the classic musical based on burlesque legend Gypsy Rose Lee. However, librettist Arthur Laurents, who was initially against the remake, finally gave Babs his blessing a month before dying back in 2011.

"Well, you know, it took a long time to get the rights to Gypsy," Streisand disclosed last year. "And then we had one version of it and now there's another one gonna be written. Who knows, I'd like to play [Rose]. I think it would be a nice book end to Funny Girl...."

A nice book end and a nice late-in-life Oscar. Streisand, never one to take "no" for an answer, eventually wore Sondheim down, though he would rather Babs focused on starring as the domineering Mama Rose. "But if it ever gets made," she added, "I see it, I see every frame of it. And I kind of write my notes, and I think it's possibly gonna happen."

Babs and Gags famously met over the summer at what can only be described as the gayest dinner of the 21st century, thanks--naturally--to Ryan Murphy, who revealed the origins of the meet-cute to E!:

One day John Travolta said 'I want to meet Lady Gaga,' and I said OK. So I bring him over to her. And she's naked covered in blood. Doing a sex scene. And it was like, 'Oh, maybe it's not the right day for this.' And he was standing behind the monitor like cheering her on, and she was like, so thrilled the first time meeting John Travolta. So I ushered them off into a room. Where I was very proud they got to meet each other. And I said you know Gaga, Barbra Streisand is such a huge fan of yours, because she thinks you're so fearless and that brought tears to her eyes. And he knew about my ongoing obsession with Barbra Streisand so he said we should all get together. So the next day the phone rang and it was John's people saying how's dinner this Saturday at Barbra's house. So Gaga and I said you've got to be kidding me. So we both instantly said yes, and we showed up and it was like like a five-hour fever dream of what you would want at Barbara Streisand's house. We got the tour of the underground mall, and we got to see the costumes and...What I loved about it was their admiration for her and her admiration for them, and I was just watching. I was proud of her. And Gaga dressed up for the dinner. She was wearing a see through crocheted dress for dinner, I believe. Gaga made an entrance at Barbra Streisand's house that was pretty astounding.

You did it, Ryan Murphy. You won life. The TV titan also had nothing but praise for Gaga and her upcoming role in American Horror Story: Hotel, saying she elicits a "holy shit" quality. "She has this incredible, magnetic thing that you can't create. You either have it or you don't. And she has it."

It's called star power. Something Barbra Joan Streisand knows a thing or two about. Obviously only good can come of a Gypsy remake starring Babs and Gags, and since Cher and Christina, the world is sorely lacking a proper burlesque-themed intergenerational diva-off. For a taste of what we can (hopefully) expect, here's La Streisand belting out "Rose's Turn":

Les Fabian Brathwaite--everything's coming up Milhouse.

h/t: World of Wonder

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