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Swing State Trump Voters Support LGBTQ+ Rights Even If He Doesn't

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Will this be reflected in the election results?

Donald Trump may have begun to dismantle anti-LGBTQ+ progress over the last four years, but a new study is showing that his stance isn't reflective of his entire base.

A new report released by the Human Rights Campaign, in partnership with Hart Research, showed that voters in 10 battleground states (which consistently sway the electoral vote one way or the other at each election) overwhelmingly support LGBTQ+ rights.

The data shows that their support extends to marriage equality, adoption for LGBTQ+ families, as well as the passage of the Equality Act, which if passed would eliminate discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in most walks of life.

The poll surveyed 400 likely voters in each of the 10 states -- Texas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Iowa, Florida, Michigan, and Arizona. The polls were conducted in September.

According to researchers, Joe Biden is leading Trump in all states except for Iowa, Ohio, and Texas.

The numbers revealed that Trump voters in nearly every one of the 10 states are more apt to favor the Equality Act than oppose it. In fact, Trump voters who support the legislation outnumber those who oppose it by about 10 percentage points or more.

In Arizona, 59 percent of voters support the Equality Act versus 19 percent who oppose it. In Pennsylvania, that number is 59 percent versus 20 percent. In Georgia, it's 51 percent versus 27 percent. In Florida, it's 53 percent versus 19 percent. In North Carolina, it's 52 percent versus 26 percent.

While there is wide support for the Equality Act, support for marriage equality and adoption rights is a bit more narrow. Still, a majority of Trump voters are in favor.

In Arizona, 63 percent of voters support LGBTQ+ people legally adoption children while 61 percent support marriage equality. In Florida, it's a tie with 59 percent of voters supporting LGBTQ+ people legally adoption and 59 percent of voters support marriage equality. It's also a tie in Iowa, at 61 percent.

In Georgia, that number is 55 percent and 52 percent, respectively. In North Carolina, 52 percent of voters support LGBTQ+ adoption rights while 50 percent support marriage equality. In Texas, that number is 55 percent and 52 percent.

Furthermore, in each state 60 percent or more of Trump voters say trans people should be able to live freely and openly while 87 percent or more say trans people should have equal access to medical care.

The discussion around trans rights has been a fervent outcry, following Trump's ban on trans people from serving in the military. While the numbers of voters supporting trans equality is narrow, most battleground states are in favor.

In Arizona, 62 percent oppose banning trans people from serving in the military and 54 percent oppose allowing business owners to deny services to LGBTQ+ people citing their religious beliefs. In Florida, that number is 56 percent and 54 percent. In Georgia, it's 58 and 53.

In Iowa, 46 percent oppose banning trans people from serving while 58 percent oppose business owners from discriminating against LGBTQ+ customers. In North Carolina, it's 57 and 50 percent, while in Michigan it's 57 and 53 percent. In Pennsylvania, it's 61 percent and 57 percent, while in Texas it's 53 percent and 49 percent.

Finally, when asked whether the next Supreme Court Justice should be pro-LGBTQ+ rights, a majority of them said yes.

In Georgia, 57 percent said the next SCOTUS pick should be pro-LGBTQ+ rights. In Iowa, that number was 60 percent. In North Carolina, 58 percent. In Ohio, 54 percent, and in Texas it was 48 percent.

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