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It's a Twist! Don Jr. Says All Bathrooms Should Be Gender Neutral

Donald Trump Jr. Says Every Bathroom Should Be Gender Neutral

Someone call M. Night Shyalaman to buy the film rights.

Proving that even a broken clock is right twice a day, the president's oldest son has come out in favor of gender-neutral bathrooms for everyone.

In what is turning out to be an extremely unpredictable press cycle, Donald Trump Jr. said he "would love to build one universal bathroom" that all individuals could use -- regardless of what gender they identify as -- during a Monday interview with the right-wing talk show Rubin Report.

"We're real estate people," he told host Dave Rubin. "If I don't have to build dual bathrooms I could actually save a lot of money."

Claiming that his philosophy is "live and let live" when it comes to the subject of LGBTQ+ people, Trump Jr. added that he wishes "everyone would share a bathroom." "I think it would be wonderful," he said.

Trump Jr. concluded that "no one cares" which restroom transgender people use.

Even though they are primarily motivated by money, the comments register a solid 7.5-grade twist on the Shyamalan Scale amid a book tour in which the president's namesake has routinely targeted trans athletes who compete in accordance with their lived gender. In the recently releasedTriggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, Trump Jr. calls women like former MMA fighter Fallon Fox "mediocre men."

"When we allow mediocre men to compete in women's sports, we do a disservice to all the hardworking young women who have fought to get to where they are," he writes in the 304-page volume.

Repeatedly misgendering Fox, Trump Jr. claims that the retired athlete only transitioned in order to gain a competitive advantage against female MMA fighters (an allegation that has been widely discredited). Citing a 2014 match after which opponent Tamikka Brents required several staples in her head, the First Son says Fox "used his [sic] big hands to beat Brents into an early technical knockout."

In an interview withCBS This Morning last week, Trump Jr. attempted to expand on those views but was repeatedly cut off by the show's hosts.

But what's more surprising than Trump Jr. breaking with the premise of his own book -- that liberals are sensitive snowflakes and the progressive movement is based on hollow outrage -- is that the remarks go against the established conservative party line on trans bathroom use.

After North Carolina passed House Bill 2 in 2016, several Republicans in the presidential race supported the controversial measure. Ben Carson claimed transgender people should have segregated bathrooms. Ted Cruz alleged that allowing trans individuals to use the bathroom that corresponds with their lived gender "opens the door to predators," a debunked myth, and said they should do their business at home.

While Trump Jr.'s father initially broke with his Republican colleagues on the issue, he flip-flopped within a matter of days and claimed he supported HB 2.

HB 2 was eventually amended following a nationwide boycott that threatened to cost the state billions of dollars. As anti-trans bathroom bills continue to fail in states like South Dakota and Texas, they will be increasingly difficult to defend if even the son of a president who repealed trans students' right to use bathrooms that align with their gender thinks everyone would just be better off using the same bathroom.

But lest anyone get too excited about the one time Trump Jr. said something that isn't virulently transphobic, the First Son is no friend to trans people. In addition to repeatedly targeting trans athletes, he has criticized parents who allow their children to transition and "liked" an anti-trans tweet mocking whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

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