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Danny Rose & Aaron Rosenberg


An epic video proposal and 'engagement watches' were the creative touches for the engagement of this 'Hollywood gay power couple'

Photography by Maya Myers

An elaborate engagement video was just the start of this Hollywood-style wedding. Later, the couple rode in to their wedding on the Paramount lot on a "Jewish" unicorn and then the ceremony opened with a tongue-in-cheek video of The Muppets and Danny and Aaron performing "Somebody's Getting Married." Then Joss Stone performed, backed by a surprise gospel choir singing a rendition of Lion King's "Circle of Life" and Lauryn Hill's "Tell Him." John Legend serenaded the grooms and their mothers on their mother-son dance with his song "Stay With You." Jennifer Lopez made a special dedication of her song "Papi," broadcast from her European tour. Don't forget the "surprise" live performance by PSY of his hit "Gangnam Style" and an impromptu performance by Ciara of the Diana Ross hit "Upside Down," with the grooms as her background vocalists in wigs.

Aaron-dannyx350Here the couple explain how the over-the-top nuptials all began.

Aaron Rosenberg, entertainment lawyer for acts like Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber

I knew I wanted to marry him probably on our fourth date. In the aftermath of the wedding, everyone was like, "Hollywood gay power couple..." It sounded so hilarious, because to me it was really about finding this really charming, nice Jewish boy from Miami.

Danny loves The Amazing Race, and for the proposal, I sent him on an "amazing race" all over Los Angeles. He went to seven different places that were meaningful to us, and then he came home and I was on one knee. We had engagement watches. His favorite color is blue, so his was royal blue.

I'm certainly glad I went first; if I had to propose to him after the video, I don't know what I would have done. When I saw the big screen in our backyard the night he proposed, I thought it would just be a little slide show. When he pressed play, my mind was blown. I grew up on West Side Story, so I watched it literally 30 times that night.

Danny Rose, television producer, Cougar Town

Our lives are full of comedy and music and dancing, and I just wanted to try to put that all together in a song. I did the lyrics, and I learned so much from the process of going to the studio and recording the song that I decided to just go all out and do a proposal music video. The marching band playing behind me in it was green-screened--it is stock footage. The dancers were friends who all take the same dance class, and I had my friend Adam help me with the choreography. Most of the song is inside-jokes for us. The line "you smile, I smile" is based on a Justin Bieber song we used to sing.

When we go out dancing, Aaron always wears a hat really low over his face, so I had the choreographer wearing a hat and playing Aaron. I'd planned to present the video to him around the end of February, but he asked me to marry him on Valentine's Day. I wasn't ready! I was still working on my video! I had to say, "Oh my god, yes...but I'm still going to ask you, damn it."

Watch Danny's proposal video, "What Are We Waiting For?" below:

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