My Perfect Wedding: Shangela

My Perfect Wedding: Shangela

The drag persona of comedian D.J. Pierce, Shangela Laquifa Wadley shot to fame on RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s no secret the girl’s opinionated, but even her biggest fans might not have guessed what the self-described “Debutantess of the Deep South” would have chosen for her nuptials.

A good ol’ fashioned country-style wedding in my hometown of Paris, TX… or the other Paris would work, too!

Sickening—with tons of sparkle and rhinestones. Only thing is, it couldn’t be white. I mean I am the post-modern pimp-ho... and nobody’s that big of a fool!

First dance?
As much as I love the “Cha Cha Slide,” I’d keep it sentimental and play Norah Jones’s “Come Away With Me.”

The ring?
The price tag -- I’d it leave attached. The inscription will read, “He liked it. He put a ring on it.

Party favors?

Personalized “Halleloo!” bracelets for every guest (currently available on

The centerpiece?

A platinum ear of corn with rhinestone kernels.

The officiant?

The original Queen of Comedy, Mo'Nique.

The registry?

Beyoncé’s costume closet.

The cocktail?

Absolut Halleloo-berry açaí martini.

The ceremony reading?
There will be no readings during this ceremony! The library is officially closed!

The flowers?
Hydrangeas. This wedding will be on a budget -- and I hear Madonna is giving them away.

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