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Premiere: RALPH Releases Queer Speed-dating Music Video for “Long Distance Lover”

Premiere: RALPH Release Queer Speed Dating Music Video for “Long Distance Lover”

RALPH has released a mesmerizing music video for “Long Distance Lover” illustrating the perils and joys of dating. The single comes from the Canadian artist's debut album, A Good Girl, out today!

The surreal and quirky cowboy-disco-themed video finds RALPH moderating a Halloween speed-dating event in an old bingo hall. With a smooth, almost trippy electro pop sound, you’re left feeling like you were there at the event. Plus, there's line dancing!

In anticipation for the album and video premiere, OUT caught up with RALPH and the director of “Long Distance Lover” Ally Pankiw.

"The inspiration for the 'Long Distance Lover' video was truly born out of the song's name and the idea that the distance between two people in love can take on many different meanings,” Pankiw said.  

“I've always wanted to play with the visual of a bunch of outsiders and mismatched characters speed dating, and Raffa's lyrics lent to the perfect additional layer to that concept. We wanted to pair up different couples that might not have an easy time closing the distance between them - whether across physical space, time, or even in spite of preconceived notions - and watch what would happen as they fell in love."

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“As a queer filmmaker,” she continued, “I'm always looking to feature diverse kinds of love on screen - whether that be queer couples, or in this more heightened case, dates between people who might have a uniquely hard time making it work - like a sailor and a mermaid, a cowboy and a surf bum, and even a devil and an angel. For music videos, I always like to take something that I've experienced in real life, create natural, grounded performances around that concept, and then add a surreal element or twist to it. Plus, we really thought RALPH looked amazing in a visor!"

RALPH chimed in, "I think it’s incredibly important to express diverse relationships within my music videos - my songs are written for everyone, and I want the imagery to reflect that. Collaborating with diverse creators, like Ally Pankiw, is so crucial because they can help that narrative stay authentic.”

The singer continued, “I met Ally about eight years ago, when we were working at American Apparel and addicted to high waisted shiny leggings. We’ve been friends since and have always supported each other’s crafts. When she approached me about directing a music video for my song ‘Girl Next Door’, it was a no brainer - I’m always trying to work with more women, especially friends who already know me and know my aesthetic vibe. We had so much fun on that video that I asked her to do another one, and she thankfully said 'fuck yes'. Shooting ‘Long Distance Lover’ was equally as amazing (despite the excessive line dancing in 95 degree heat)."

Watch the video premiere below!


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