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Cory Wade Premiers Raw & Heartbreaking Video for “Almost Home” (Watch)

Grayson Hoffman

Hot off performing on the mainstage of NYC Pride, Cory Wade has released a heartbreaking video for “Almost Home.” This is the second video from the former America’s Next Top Model contestant’s 2017 album, Unify. The first video was for his single, “There For You,” which features gender non-conforming model Rain Dove.

For the entirety of the video, Cory looks straight into the camera experiencing a range of emotions.

“I wrote this song in London after getting out of a serious relationship I was weighing my self-worth in," the singer told OUT.

“I left the States for a whole year to reflect in an attempt to get to know myself again, and in doing so, I came face to face with my darkest despair."

"‘Almost Home,’ he continued, "is about a home you will never be able to outsource. You won't find that sense of belonging in any worldly possessions or achievements, and you definitely won't find it in another person. You are the only one who can validate you.”

Watch the video below.  

Listen to Unify on Spotify and iTunes and follow cory on Instagram @Coryw4de.

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