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Anna Faris’s Love for Goldie Hawn and a Wild Boat Trip Prepped Her for Overboard

Anna Faris’s Love for Goldie Hawn and a Wild Boat Trip Prepped Her for Overboard

Anna Farris / Overboard

Reliving the '80s — and flipping the script — in the remake of Overboard.

In this month's Overboard reboot, Anna Faris plays Kate, a working-class single mom who dupes Leonardo (Eugenio Derbez), a rich and sexist amnesiac, into becoming her husband and on-call manny. Here, everyone's favorite House Bunny talks swapping gender roles, why she'll never scuba dive again, and, of course, her enduring love of Goldie.

OUT: You really do evoke Goldie Hawn, the star of the original Overboard.

Anna Faris: Thank you! I worshipped her growing up. The 1987 version was my favorite movie as a child. I used to call it my "sick day movie." It's delicious. When I was approached with the remake, I was honored and terrified. I had big shoes to fill.

How did you feel about the new film's gender swap?

AF: I was actually a little resentful. I loved Goldie's ridiculous character arc in the original, and I wanted to wear those same insane costumes on a yacht. But I think the swap is the only way to revisit this film today. And I love its international progressiveness.

Yes, about 30 percent of the film is in Spanish.

AF: I loved that. I just wish I knew more Spanish. I was surrounded by these amazing Spanish-speaking actors, and I struggled with the three Spanish lines I had. That was tough to watch in the final cut--that and realizing, Man, I'm spectacularly blonde for a working-class gal.

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Are you a natural blonde?

AF: Well... I'm like a dirty-dishwater blonde. It's funny how people treat you differently when you're fully blonde. They're friendlier, they assume you're friendlier, and if you say anything intelligent they're shocked.

Speaking of, do people ever underestimate you because you're a comedian?

AF: I think that's the theme of comedy in Hollywood. When I moved here, I couldn't believe the lack of imagination in terms of the division of comedy and drama. Maybe that's why so many comedians are angry!

In the spirit of Overboard, what's your craziest boat experience?

AF: In college, I took a semester off to go to Australia and took one of those group outings to the Great Barrier Reef. I went scuba diving, but had some sinus issues, so my mask was covered in snot. Then on the way back, everyone was throwing up. I told myself I wouldn't, but I succumbed. Scuba diving isn't for me.

Then it's a good thing you have comedy.

AF: Yes! But it is difficult. It's so hard to surprise people. It takes a lot of ingenuity.

In Overboard your character Kate is really hard on Leonardo. Did you ever feel bad playing those scenes?

AF: No! Is that terrible to say?

Overboard hits theatres on May 4.

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