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5 Things We Learned About Erika Jayne

5 Things We Learned About Erika Jayne

5 Things We Learned About Erika Jayne

Oh honey, she spilled the tea.

Erika Jayne -- aka Erika Girardi -- may be one of Bravo's most popular housewives, but her life is much more than catfights over cocktails. Jayne is a businesswoman, a performer and now an author -- her memoir Pretty Mess chronicles her childhood in Atlanta (where she attended the same performing arts school as RuPaul), her marriage and "the pivot" that led her to joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. "It took Erika Jayne and absolutely threw her into mainstream America, into people's homes, and it was the greatest thing I could have done, quite honestly."

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Jayne is a budding gay icon -- she'll headline the iconic Palm Springs White Party this summer, debuting a new song -- so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have her spill the tea on everything from Drag Race to her latent psychic ability. Read on for five things we learned from our chat with Bravo royalty.

1. Erika Jayne isn't all that different from Erika Girardi...and she may be a drag queen.
"One is a performance persona, one isn't. When you put on your costume and you're on stage, you're larger than life. It's a great place to be over the top. It's a job and you leave it there and you're back to being yourself again. It's all the same, honestly...She's a little mini drag queen, I think. I'm not a man transforming into a female persona, but she's definitely an over the top female, that Erika Jayne, let me tell you. She is not a normal girl.

2. Reality TV editing made her want to write a book.
"There's not enough time in an ensemble cast with 40 minutes to really let people fully know who you are, so I chose to do it this way...It's my story and I told it the way I saw fit."

3. Some tea shouldn't be spilled.
"I left all the massive hard things out as I believe one should. I don't think anybody should know anyone's whole, complete story because its no one's but your own, whether you're famous or not, some things are just [for] you. The book is playful and meant to be fun and meant to make you smile."

4. As revealed this season on Housewives, she's a little bit psychic.
"I believe everyone is psychic. Its kind of like when you know something, your intuition, your gut feeling -- everyone has it, everybody is born with it, it's just do you listen to it or not. Kyle [Richards'] psychic said something to me that was very interesting and related to something another psychic had told me over 10 years ago and no one could have known it, that's what's so bizarre -- you couldn't Google it, only I knew that."

5. She loves RuPaul's Drag Race.
"How great is it for that show to have come so far and have won Emmys? Hats off to RuPaul who took something and made it so mainstream and opened up peoples lives and really brought the gay community into people's homes. I think its wonderful."

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