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Premiere: Saturn Rising Explores Queer Fear & Self-Acceptance on Darkest Dream

Saturn Rising

The eclipse may be over but don’t stop looking up at the universe just yet. Six planets away from the sun, Saturn Rising’s sonic, queer vocals are coming out from the shadows. The Bay Area dancer and singer who began their career sharing the stage with everyone from Alice Glass and Palmistry to Big Freedia and Le1f is stepping out to share their own Darkest Dream.

We’d already fell in love with the artist when they took a wrecking ball to the fetishization of black queer bodies in their video for “Down,” but their debut album is on another level. Across five pulsating tracks that take influence from tribal-trap and 90s R&B, they explore their own struggles with life, love, and the artistic growth, while also being unapologetically queer as hell.

Darkest Dream explores my experience actualizing my desires and working past my fears,” they explained in an email. “It's sexual art that targets gender self-acceptance and full human growth."

Before the album drops tomorrow on Molly House Records, listen to it in full below. 

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