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RPDR Season 9 Queen Aja Joins Femme Cast, Talks Film's Themes


Brooklyn-based drag queen Aja has been on of our favorite young performers since before she was cast in the upcoming season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. The gender performance artist has been steadily on the rise in the New York club scene and is sure to be a contender on season nine.

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Recently, she joined the cast of an upcoming indie queer film from writer and star Corey Camperchioli. In Femme, Aja plays Panzy LaRue, a drag queen fairy godmother who sets Carson (Camperchioli) on a journey of queer self discovery after he’s rejected by an online hookup for acting too feminine.

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, Aja puts Camperchioli in drag as they discuss the film’s themes. Watch below and donate to the Femme Kickstarter.

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