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EXCLUSIVE: Colby Keller Covers Loverboy Magazine

EXCLUSIVE: Colby Keller Covers Loverboy Magazine


Loverboy founder Michael Turnbull tells us how he landed the porn star.

Photography: Stini Roehrs, Stylist: Danny Muster, Makeup: Johi Von Bruises

Loverboy, an independent gay magazine from the U.K., was founded by journalist Michael Turnbull. The gorgeously glossy publication strives to create high-quality content that seamlessly blends music, pop culture, fashion, and adult entertainment. With Loverboy's third issue launching today, Out chatted with Turnbull about the magazine and how he landed Colby Keller for one of three specialty covers.

Out: Loverboy leapt out of the gate with an impressive cover featuring porn star and artist Francois Sagat in Madonna drag. How did you pull that off?

Michael Turnbull: I've known Francois for many years, since the days of MySpace! [Laughs] Back then, I reached out to see if I could interview him for Attitude, then Out in the City, and then for Little White Lies. When I knew I was going to embark on Loverboy, he was the only choice for the cover. I feel extremely lucky he had enough faith in us to say "Yes." But, I am also indebted to my talented team of Greg Bailey, Joseph Harwood, Shiori Takahashi, Nik Thakkar, and John Brock.

What inspired you to create Loverboy?

My wounded ego. [Laughs] As a freelancer, I was pitching Grade-A content--like having Janice Dickinson as an agony aunt--and still being turned down. So I shook my fist at them and was like, "You'll see!"

For your third issue, you have three different covers, which will all be announced later today. This one features Colby Keller. How did that come about?

We do! All three covers are very special to me. Colby's nearly didn't happen; his schedule is so packed. Luckily, we pinned him down in Berlin--big shout out to Danny Muster for helping to orchestrate that one. Colby had previously posed for our online feature "Love Is..." and I was keen to work with him because--like Francois--he enjoys playing with his image and creating art. So, I contacted him about Issue 3, he loved the concept, and here we are.

What can readers look forward to in your interview with Keller?

Well, the interview complements the shoot really. Colby has been working on his Colby Does America project where he visits the 50 States of America, two U.S. territories, and films himself fucking someone at every stop. Looking at his tour of regional America, I was inspired by the legends of mythical monsters. So Colby channeled Mothman, Dwayyo, the Snallygaster, and more in his shoot. Then for the interview we discussed monsters, but I was quite surprised where it took us. Rather than talk about monsters in the wild or under the bed, we talked about the monster within.

Is there a particularly interesting quote you can share from your interview with Keller to further whet our appetites?

I'll give you two: "I really liked this image of a guy pushing cum out of his ass in front of an Obama poster. That sums up Massachusetts"; and "My mother found porn under my bed and was being horrible. She was trying to make me feel guilty and being really abusive. She was telling me she wanted to buy a gun so she could blow my brains out and kill herself."

Beyond this third issue, what future goals do you have for Loverboy?

I want to focus on our newly relaunched website and hopefully do another issue. We are independently funded, so who knows what will happen. People have started coming forward saying they want to be involved...the signs are good! Hopefully we'll sell enough of Issue 3.

Most importantly, where can we buy copies of the new issue?

We sell directly from It's the cheapest way to keep our costs and prices low.

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