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Musical Adaptation for 'Be More Chill' Is Fun, But Troubled

An inconsistent tone, making a joke of bisexuality, and more are bugs in its system.

The Power of the World Cup of Gay Rugby, the Bingham Cup

Get Ready for Bingham Cup 2020 in Ottawa, Canada

Peppermint is the Gender-Fluid Oracle Shattering Broadway's Barriers

The Drag Race star is the first trans woman to originate a role with Head Over Heels.

First Bilingual Museum of Sex Exhibition Highlights LGBTQ Life in Peru

Talking with the artists & curator behind Canon: Photographs by Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo & Andrew Mroczek. 

Paula Vogel Talks the Importance of Theater & History

The playwright's multifaceted Broadway debut tackles a panoply of contemporary social issues.

Broadway's The Great Comet Plays with Gender to Reflect Outside World

"This is the culture of our theater, and it is the culture of New York and Broadway, and it should be the culture of the world."

The View UpStairs is Relevant, But Uneven

Max Vernon’s new musical is entertaining despite clichés.

ABC's When We Rise is a Timely Lesson in Intersectionality

Actress Emily Skeggs on playing a young Roma Guy in the seven-part miniseries.

Don't Miss The Skivvies's Holiday ROADKILL

An irreverent send-up of holiday favorites and pop gems.

Can Gay Be 'Normalized'?

Off-Broadway’s Homos, Or Everyone in America offers insights worth pondering.

Chicago Revisited: 20 Years Later

Go behind the scenes of America's longest running musical with musical director Leslie Stifelman.