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Texas Dad Strips During School Board Meeting to Troll Anti-Maskers

Texas Dad Strips During School Board Meeting to Troll Anti-Maskers


This concerned daddy with a cause (almost) bared it all to make his point about face masks.

A muscled father in Texas chose to make his point at a recent school board meeting by taking off his clothes, slowly and powerfully stripping away the objections to rules about face masks for children.

James Akers, who clearly doesn't miss leg day, was speaking at a board meeting of the Dripping Springs Independent School District on Monday about the district's optional face mask policy for children this year. Akers explained that every day we follow rules for the good of society and ourselves. To make his presentation more impactful, he then used his own body as a visual aid.

After admitting he didn't like the government telling him what to do, Akers said "sometimes I've got to push the envelope a little bit. And I've decided I'm not just going to talk about it, I'm going to walk the walk."

As he was speaking, he began removing articles of clothing from his classical dad bod, his words made even more powerful by the lack of strobe lighting and appropriate music that would normally accompany such a performance.

"At work they make me wear this jacket," Akers said. "I hate it." And so he took off the jacket.

It turned out Akers also hated his shirt and tie, so he took them off as well. He then ticked off a list of rules followed by society he didn't like, satirically claiming he broke the speed limit, ran multiple stop signs and red lights on his drive to the board meeting.

And then as tensions and expectations mounted in the room, Akers let his pants drop to the floor as he claimed to have earlier parked in a handicapped spot. His argument and presentation were so powerful, the audience was left speechless. It was left to a board member to break the spell Akers had cast over the room.

"Mr. Akers, I understand, I believe you're a swimmer, but if you wouldn't mind putting your pants back on for a comment, that would be appreciated."

Two police officers eventually approached the nearly-naked daddy, but did little else to stop or encourage him further, leaving those in attendance to wonder if the two cops were going to arrest Akers, or join him in the performance, stripping down to little more than their underwear and nightsticks.

Instead, Akers was left unbothered in his near-nudity to make his point.

"It's simple protocol, people," he said. "We follow certain rules. We follow certain rules for good reason."


Reaction was quick online, as many people were offended that Akers chose to make his point by stripping down in front of children as young as 10.

On a Facebook post about Akers' stunt, one commenter noted the story "went national" and asked if was "time to get rid of the 'West of Weird' bumpers stickers" considering the area's "new reputation."

Another disagreed saying they loved his "gusto!"

One young commenter was especially supportive of the school board stripper.

"That's my dad!!!" wrote Molly K. Akers. "And no his kids aren't embarrassed, we love him!"

You can watch James Akers give his stirring performance, along with the entire Dripping Springs Independent School District meeting, below.

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