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Principal Who Banned Gay Student's Art Seen Popping Rainbow Balloons

Administrators are in hot water after a student's gay-themed art was compared to Nazi symbolism.

A School Canceled a Play Because It Had a Gay Character In It

The production was deemed "inappropriate" for students to see.

A School District Suspended Male & Nonbinary Students Over Long Hair

So apparently long hair is only for girls??

Someone Pooped On This School's Pride Flag—Now Students Are Protesting

One high school had a super gross incident involving a rainbow Pride flag, and students aren't happy with the administration's sh*tty response.

High School Students Walk Out in Support of Bullied Gay Classmate

One of the alleged bullies broke the nose of a female student who stood up to the abuse last week.

Trans Teen Makes History After Being Elected Homecoming Queen

“It made me feel like I actually belonged.”

UPDATE: Teacher Removed After Students Pledge Allegiance to Pride Flag

Of course, conservatives are all in a tizzy over the incident.

Texas Dad Strips During School Board Meeting to Troll Anti-Maskers

This concerned daddy with a cause (almost) bared it all to make his point about face masks.

Male Teachers Are Wearing Skirts to School to Support Bullied Students

The movement started after a 15-year-old student was sent to a psychologist for wearing a skirt.

Florida Celebrated Pride by Banning Trans Girls From School Sports

The Sunshine State is the latest of many to enact legislation barring trans girls and women from participating in girls' public school sports teams.

Gay Middle School Student Attacked, Choked With Pride Flag at School

Tristen Torrez knew he “might hear a slur or two” but didn’t expect to get beaten and choked for “bringing as something as innocent as a flag to school.”

4 Teachers Suspended For Homophobic Comments About Lesbian Coworker

As they are still being paid, 25,000 people have signed a petition for their "forced resignations."

100 Boys Wear Skirts to School to Fight Homophobia, Sexism

The skirt-wearing protest called attention to the effects of an outdated, binary-based dress code.

Bisexual Teacher Told She Can't Fly A Pride Flag in Class Finds a Way

Close the door and our community will find a window.

Scotland Is First Country With National LGBTQ+ Inclusive Curriculum

The country will include LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum for all students in public school this fall.

Seattle Schools to Include LGBTQ+ In Curriculum

The district is also requiring gender-neutral bathrooms in all new schools, and may rename one school to honor a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

UPDATE: Anti-Gay Kentucky Principal Charged With Child Porn

He faces 17 counts of possessing and distributing child pornography.

Texas School Moves to Fire Teacher After He Came Out to Students

Dr. Josh Hamilton says he was called in for questioning one day after discussing his coming-out process with students.


High School Elects First Nonbinary Homecoming Queen

Trevor Meyer ran for three years before taking the crown.