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Two Women Epically Confronted a Homophobic Preacher With a Kiss

Two Women Epically Confronted a Homophobic Preacher With a Kiss

Watch Two Women Confront Hateful Preacher With Long, Passionate Kiss!

The preacher had earlier told the crowd "the rectum was created for defecation, not for penetration."

Sometimes a (same-sex) kiss is all that's needed to wipe away the hate.

That's the lesson a homophobic street preacher spewing anti-LGBTQ+ hatred in Leeds, England learned recently when he was confronted by a gathering crowd who objected to his rants with logic and a very special (and lasting) same-sex kiss. The episode was captured on video and posted to Leeds Live, and showed the unidentified street preacher spewing his hate while the defiant crowd, including one brave man and two proud women, stood in solidarity against his hateful words.

The video opened with the preacher being confronted by a lone man in the gathering crowd.

"God thinks you need to you need to crawl back to whatever hole you came out of and go back into it, my dear," the man said with a little queer flourish at the end to spice things up.

The preacher continued undeterred, advising his listeners it was "time to get right with God," which prompted the defiant man to respond that, "Your time went and gone a long time ago, my dear."

The preacher went on to provide the crowd with a brief lecture on colorectal anatomy.

"You need to understand that the rectum was created for defecation, not for penetration," he explained. "You need to learn how to use your bodies properly."

"Oh, I know how to use it very well," the man responded.

The video then cuts to two women kissing in front of the preacher to the cheers of the crowd.

"That's what I'm talking about," the man in the crowd approvingly said.

"You must come to your senses, men and women," the preacher implored. "You must rethink. You can scoff me, you can persecute me, you can pull me down, you can break me."

Not long after, officers from the West Yorkshire Police arrived to show that not only could the preacher be scoffed and pulled down, but that he could also be arrested for allegedly perpetrating a hate crime as well.

This isn't the first time a commotion of this nature has happened in the area.

Last month, Twitter user Amy Dwyer also captured and posted video of a preacher (it's unclear if the man is the same pastor from this most recent incident) spouting off the same kinds of anti-LGBTQ+ talking points to a public crowd in the same area in Leeds.

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