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Franklin Graham Says Chick-fil-A Won't Stop Anti-LGBTQ+ Donations

Franklin Graham

Despite reports Monday that fast-food chain Chick-fil-A would cease all donations to anti-LGBTQ+ organizations, the conservative Christian leader Franklin Graham says that they’ve reversed that decision almost as soon as they announced it.

In a Facebook post, Graham, who is also aTrump ally, said he had personally called Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy as soon as he heard that the fast food restaruant might stop donating to anti-gay causes. According to Graham, Cathy was “very clear that they have not bowed down to anyone’s demands, including the LGBTQ community.”

“They will continue to support whoever they want to support,” Graham continued. “They haven’t changed who they are or what they believe. Chick-fil-A remains committed to Christian values.” I would’ve thought that fighting hunger and homelessness and supporting eduction (the things Chick-fil-A said they would donate to instead of anti-gay causes) were Christian values, but I only taught Sunday school for six years.

Graham didn’t stop there. He went on to say that the “gay movement wouldn’t ever be happy with Chick-fil-A unless they were open on Sunday, gave all of their charitable donations to LGBTQ organizations, and flew the rainbow flag over their stores!” That doesn’t sound too bad, but I’m a part of that “gay movement” he’s talking about, so maybe I’m a bad judge.

This is just the latest in Graham’s long history of hatred towards LGBTQ+ people. He’s previously praised Putin’s anti-gay laws in Russia, claimed gay people were causing a rise in STIs, and said that presidential candidate Pete Buttigeig faces “eternal damnation” for being gay.

Come on, Chick-fil-A! I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! Ok, maybe not really. I’m actually eating a Popeye’s chicken sandwich as I write this.

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