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Bros, Are You Obsessed With Your Girl's Butt? That's Gay, Says Blogger

man fears butt

Roosh Valizadeh proves fragile masculinity stays fragile.

Fellas ... is liking butts gay?

In a video unleashed to the general public without warning on Sunday, blogger, pick up artist and author of controversial book Game Daryush "Roosh" Valizadeh warns his fellow heterosexual men to stay away from their girl's butts, lest they be tempted by her anus to go full homo.

"I officially declare myself a boob man," Valizadeh says to the camera in the video. "I am now all about the boobs, because being a butt man is just a gateway to homosexual activity."

After a very dramatic pause, Valizadeh adds, "I say no to the backhole. I've never done anal sex in my life, I swear."

He then goes on to say that some girls have asked but he has turned them down because of the "doodoo" -- yes he says "doodoo" -- that comes out of there. I would tell him about enemas, but those are gay culture and I won't let the hets have that, too!

Now, I can't stress this next part hard enough. Knowing all that "doodoo" you have in your butt, he asks, "Why am I going to put my penis in there?" But he pronounces penis with the hardest of "b" sounds. So it sounds like benis.

"If I was watching anal sex porn all day, I would do it," he says, defensively, without anyone bringing up anal sex porn. "But I don't," he adds.

This video may just be casual homophobia, but Velizadeh's past shows that the danger he poses is anything but casual. Velizadeh is a notorious misogynist who has bragged about sexually assaulting women and has written in favor of legalizing rape "on private property." He has since claimed the article was satire. The Southern Poverty Law Center designated his blog, "Return of Kings" as a hate group. He's also a homophobe who has called marriage equality an attack on straight people. In September, Amazon removed nine of Velizadeh's works from its marketplace. The company did not cite why it took the rare action to remove the books, but given Valizadeh's past, and how quickly the internet churns out men's rights activists, it's not hard to see why.

The final word on this: we promise you, straight guys who might be reading this queer news website, that exploring anal sex consensually with your female partner will not turn you gay! And don't fear the "doodoo."

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