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Anderson Cooper Responds to Homophobic Trolls After Trump Jr. Spreads Fake News

Anderson Cooper Responds to Homophobic Trolls After Fake News

Being an openly gay journalist on national television, Anderson Cooper is used to being attacked by trolls — especially since Trump won the electoral college.

Seldom does he respond to the vitriolic hate, but when the president of the United States’s son blatantly attacked him — questioning his integrity — Cooper decided it was necessary to clear the air. 

In a 10-minute segment on his show, Anderson Cooper 360°, the CNN journalist dispelled the allegation that he was kneeling in shallow water in order to make the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence look more severe.

Trump Jr. claimed Cooper was doing this in order to make his father look if his father wasn’t doing that on his own.

First off, the image was taken 10 years ago during a report from 2008’s Hurricane Ike, which occured in Texas. President Bush was in office during this time.

Cooper then showed receipts. He proceeded to play footage from the broadcast, which showed him trudging through the deep water while referring to the shallower areas.

Cooper also noted that one homophobic commenter made a snide remark about him being “used to being” on his knees.

The 51-year-old reporter said, “Some guy I’ve never heard of made a joke on Twitter that I was on my knees in the water to make it look deep, and then went on to say I was used to being on my knees, which I assume is some kind of anti-gay reference.”

“Very classy,” he continued. “The idea that I was kneeling in water to make it look deep is frankly idiotic.”

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