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Trans Woman Found Murdered in Chicago


According to Windy City Times, a 24-year-old transgender woman named Dejanay Stanton was found murdered on Thursday in Chicago's South Side. After hearing gunshots, people discovered the body at 12:30pm in the alley at 40th Street and King Drive. The victim suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Originally listed as Jane Doe by the Chicago Police Department, the body was identified at about 6pm on Thursday. According to Chicago Survivors crisis responder, Dawn Valenti, the victim was legally recognized as female. After news circulated online, she was identified as Stanton, a Chicago local.

Executive director of Brave Space Alliance, LaSaia Wade posted to Facebook with condolences for her friend.

According to the HRC, 16 trans people have been murdered in 2018. That would make Stanton's murder the 17th.

Friends of Stanton will be releasing balloons at the site of her murder, Friday at 7:30pm.

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