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transgender crime

Over 600,000 Demand Answers in Death of Tete Gulley, Black Trans Woman

Questions remain a year after Black transgender woman Tete Gulley's body was founding hanging from a tree in a Portland park. Police claim suicide, but the family was told Gulley was murdered and there's a video.

Selena Reyes-Hernandez, Trans Woman Violently Killed, Makes Number 17

The high school student who was arrested for the "super heinous crime,"  smirked through his court appearance.

Kiki Fantroy Is 13th Black Trans Woman Reportedly Murdered in 2019

She is the 11th to die from gun violence.

Zoe Spears Is the Fourth Black Trans Woman Found Dead This Pride Month

Her friend, Ashanti Carmon, was murdered nearly three months ago in the same area.

Trans Woman Found Murdered in Chicago

This marks the 17th trans person murdered in 2018.

Bullies Shoot 11-Year-Old Trans Girl in Premeditated Attack

"Even though G was not physically injured, she was clearly traumatized by what happened."

Chelsea Manning and Other Trans Prisoners Face Exceptional Cruelty in Jail—Will Obama Do Anything?

When sentenced to prison, trans women find themselves housed in facilities that misgender them and make them extraordinarily vulnerable to physical and sexual assault.

Breaking: Trans Woman Found Murdered in Chicago Park

She's the 20th transgender person killed in 2016.

Watch: The Daily Show Smartly Addresses Trans Rights and Panic

In light of recent anti-LGBT legislation, three Daily Show segments focused on educating the general public about transgender rights.

NYC Transgender Community to Rally at Trial for Death of Islan Nettles

"We want this case to send a message," says Jennifer Louise Lopez, executive director of Everything Transgender in NYC.

Trans Woman Allegedly Raped at Stonewall Inn

NYPD has since released a photo of the suspect and is sure he will be apprehended.

Philippines Court Finds US Marine Guilty of Killing Trans Woman

Rather than the more severe charge of murder, Joseph Pemberton was convicted of homicide for the 2014 killing of Jennifer Laude.

Laverne Cox Declares Transgender State of Emergency

"We in the transgender community right now are reeling."

Bravery Cut Short: Islan Nettles Taken Off Life Support

A 21-year-old trans woman is dead in a city that celebrates diversity.