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Grindr Apologizes for Sharing Users' HIV Status With Third-Party Companies

Grindr Apologizes for Sharing Users' HIV Status With Third-Party Comapnies

Just a week after Grindr unveiled its new effort to remind users to get tested for HIV, it was revealed that the app was in fact sharing that information with third-party companies. Despite an initial public outcry, the app refused to apologize, saying they would not “admit fault” and that those upset over the news were simply “misunderstanding technology.”

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But following ever more criticism of the news, Grindr issued both a video and written apology.

"Grindr has never sold, nor will we ever sell, personal user information – especially information regarding HIV status or last test date – to third parties or advertisers," said the written statement. "As a champion for the LGBTQ community, Grindr recognizes – and has always recognized – that it is up to each person to determine whether they want to publicly disclose their HIV status.  We respect each person’s decision whether to keep that information private, or whether to publicly disclose that information in their Grindr public profile. We know that enabling conversations about sexual health is as important as it is difficult.  And as always, we continue to look for ways to ensure Grindr remains a safe space for all."



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