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Jared Polis Becomes First Openly Gay Governor in US History


US Representative Jared Polis has made history. Winning the gubernatorial election in Colorado, he's become the first openly gay man governor in US history, beating his Republican opponent by a strong margin.

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Polis led his campaign as a visible gay candidate. He frequently spoke with voters about his partner and children.

“Generations of LGBTQ advocates have dreamed of the moment when voters would overcome tired stereotypes and elect an openly gay man who stands proudly with his partner and family – and this is that moment,” said Mayor Annise Parker, President & CEO of LGBTQ Victory Fund.

“Colorado has undergone a transformation that parallels the changing attitudes in the country at large. In just 25 years, Colorado went from being labeled a ‘hate state’ for its anti-LGBTQ voter-approved ballot initiative to becoming the first state in the nation to elect an openly gay governor. This is the evolution we will fight for in states all throughout the country – both red and blue – because we know voters are ready to support authentic, values-driven LGBTQ candidates who speak to the issues that matter most. Jared shattered a lavender ceiling in Colorado, but its effect will extend well-beyond the state’s borders.”

Polis is just the second openly LGBTQ person elected to governor of a US state, with the other being openly bisexual Governor Kate Brown of Oregon, who is up for reelection tonight. This cycle also sees Lupe Valdez running for governor of Texas,and Christine Hallquist in Vermont.

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