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'Drag Race' Star Morgan McMichaels Broke Hand Punching a Nazi

Morgan McMichaels

RuPaul's Drag Race star now wears a (bedazzled) cast on his arm after punching a homophobic attacker that threatened him.

RuPaul's Drag Race star Moran McMichaels is currently wearing a cast on his wrist after punching a Nazi that threatened him. The star took to Instagram to explain what happened.

He said: "So ya my hand is broken... I was approached by a man at the store who informed me that he was a Nazi and he wanted to cut my faggot throat after he took a swing I obliged him and finished the fight... this faggot will not be victimized ...."

[instagram expand=1 site_id=25879314 embed_desktop_width=540 embed_desktop_height=1005 embed_mobile_width=375 embed_mobile_height=834]

Following this, he posted another Instagram featuring a bedazzled cast with a brilliant caption.

[instagram expand=1 site_id=25879314 embed_desktop_width=540 embed_desktop_height=871 embed_mobile_width=375 embed_mobile_height=742]

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