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Anohni Pens Must-Read Essay, ‘God Is A Woman, Now Or Never’

Anohni Pens Must-Read Essay, ‘God Is A Woman, Now Or Never’


“Women are women, and so are men…” 

As a part of Anohni's ongoing exhibition, Future Feminism, at the "O" Space in Aarhus, Denmark, the artist debuted an essay today that pricks at the global male ego that is attempting to usurp femininity and womanhood from its divine roost.

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The essay, titled "God Is A Woman, Now Or Never," opens by condemning the idea of a world in perfect equilibrium, because a 50/50 balance isn't always possible or ideal. "I do not accept the fallacy of the well-balanced binary that we have been brainwashed and bullied into adopting (yin/yang, 50/50, male/female, darkness/light, manifestation/heaven elsewhere, rational/emotional, etc.)," she writes. "This weary assertion that equally endowed opposites, waltzing in perpetual stalemate, determine the natural and philosophical order of things distorts our perception of the volatile and mysterious world around us. It has also secured our paralysis and denial during the final centuries of this Trump-esque quest for a male god as potent as the Female one overwhelming our senses."

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Anohni goes on, saying that the biological male itself is a product of a biological female, a tool she pulls from herself as a means of propagation. "Meanwhile, creation is Female, through and through," she writes. "She spirals inexorably, giving birth to dizzying new versions of herself. She carves penises straight out of her own female flesh. She, All Female, relegates a portion of herself to serve as male in order to support her in creating further life. At the end of the day, the sovereignty of maleness is an illusion. In essence and in origin, We are all entire Female."

The blustering of the male ego is framed as a jealous lashing out by Anohni, "pounding on his mother's breast, enraged by the predicament he faces as a leaf, dangling from the tree of life." But such a reaction may be for naught. "There may be no backside to creation," she writes, "no point when Femaleness stops being and finally submits, contained at last within a male god's mind." Read and re-read the full essay below, and make it your weekend gospel.

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