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Moving to Canada: Quebec Pledges $550,500 to Fight LGBTQ Discrimination

There's yet another reason to move to Canada—Quebec announced yesterday that they've pledged $550,500 towards fighting discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

At a press conference, Justice Minister Stephanie Vallée made the announcement, explaining funding would be directed toward protecting LGBTQ rights, as well as investing research and supporting public media campaigns to raise awareness about relevant causes, Pink News reports. “Again this year, numerous organizations responded to our call for project funding through our Fight Against Homophobia program," Vallée said.

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The province has already legalized transgender citizens changing the gender on their birth certificate without requiring gender reassignment surgery. Canada also recently voted to make their national anthem gender-neutral, changing the lyrics “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudea, pictured above making history as the first Canadian Prime Minister to walk in a Pride Parade, has made equality and protection of minorities pillars of his political platform, and in doing so sealed his image as the political leader of our dreams.

Don't believe JT is perfect? Check out this recent Tweet, below.

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