LGBT Flag Torn Down and Stomped Outside Congressman’s Office

Wikipedia/U.S. Congress


A Democratic representative spoke before Congress about a man who recently tore down a Pride flag hanging in front of his office.

U.S. Rep. Alan Lowenthal told the House that the man ripped down the flag, which had been hanging outside his office since 2013, and called it “immoral” and “disgusting” before proceeding to stomp on it.

In his address, the California congressman likened the attack on this symbol of LGBT liberation to similar hate-related vandalism on the rise around the country, particularly targeting Jewish communities.

“The shadows of intolerance have grown longer in recent days,” Lowenthal said. “…To all our brothers and sisters, who endure through these hateful acts, we stand with you. And we will continue to fight for your rights and your equality.”

Watch Lowenthal’s full remarks before Congress below. 

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