Gay Veterans Can March in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Parade, Organizers Say

Michael Dwyer/AP


A gay veterans groups has been—begrudgingly—re-invited to march in a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Boston.

The South Boston Allied War Veterans Council had originally barred OutVets from marching in the parade because, according to OutVets executive director Bryan Bishop, the council didn’t want OutVets to display rainbow flags at the parade.

"I almost fell out of the chair at that point, said, 'You gotta be kidding me,'" Bishop told the AP.

The council announced on Twitter that an acceptance letter had been signed to allow OutVets to participate. OutVets is looking over the letter, according to the group’s attorney.

OutVets participated in the parade for two years, since first invited in 2015—rainbow flags and all. The decision to exclude OutVets resulted in intense local backlash, including Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announcing he would boycott the parade because of the group’s exclusion. 

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