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Bullies Shoot 11-Year-Old Trans Girl in Premeditated Attack


An 11-year-old trans girl, who goes by the name G, has been shot with a pellet gun by school bullies in the Greater Manchester area. According to Pink News, the girl’s mother said she was hit in the arm with no physical harm done.

"If the pellet had gone into her face or eyes there is no telling what might have happened," the mother said. "Even though G was not physically injured, she was clearly traumatized by what happened. G has previously had to deal with serious bullying and when I arrived, she was just sat there, rocking, staring. It was awful."

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Bullies have tormented G for years, writing "Tranny" or "Freak" on her school books, as well as penises. One student threatened to beat her up in the gym, attempting to justify his actions by saying "she was a boy not a girl." According to her mother, G's school has investigated these incidents, but couldn't take official action because there were no witnesses. 

"What happened was premeditated, serious and involved a firearm," G's mother said of her daughter's shooting. "In any other circumstance, the perpetrator of such a crime could expect a significant prison sentence."

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