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Watch: Incredible Dance Video Reveals the End of HIV


Julianne Moore, choreographer Ryan Heffington, composer Lucian Piane, and others give new meaning to interpretive dance in this groundbreaking video.

Long in development, the proposed vaccine that will eradicate HIV is finally ready to begin clinical trials on humans. We've come a long, long way: this weekend marked the 35th anniversary of the CDC's first published report on what would later become known as AIDS, and the president released a stirring and poignant statement in commemoration yesterday.

Yesterday also saw the launch of an incredible collaborative effort for the #endhiv campaign, combining the talents of Oscar-winner Julianne Moore, Sia choreographer Ryan Heffington, and Grammy winning composer Lucian Piane. A testament to the notion that simpler is always better, the video features a mix of beautiful and lithe dancers against a white background in a physical storytelling piece that covers the beginning, middle, and hopefully end of the AIDS epidemic on a cellular level.

The dancers sway, rock, and crash into each other, portraying various types of blood cells that are then infiltrated by the HIV virus. Toward the end of the video, a beautiful new dancer is introduced, representing the vaccine. Julianne Moore narrates the HIV infection cycle and reveals the mechanics of how the vaccine actually works.

Other videos released in conjunction with the dance piece discuss the red tape involved in actually getting a vaccine like this into the hands of the public and how our support, financial and otherwise, is still needed to help this revolutionary drug go to trial.

Watch the inspirational and informative video below, and then visit the campaign to help make the end of HIV and AIDS a reality.

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